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Practice Yoga in the Office with beeteeyogee

Corporate Yoga

Stop burning out, burn in instead.

Take care of your team physically and mentally, so that they perform better in the long run. Sustainability begins here.

Yoga in the Office with beeteeyogee

Mobility & Therapy

Mobility means Strength, Flexibility and Balance. Covering a wide range of movements, yoga has been proven to be beneficial to office workers. Yoga directly addresses many physical health issues your team members are facing. Yoga helps with back pain relief, knee & hips rehabilitation, heart health, and ease arthritis & economy-class symptoms.

Stress Management

& Emotional Resilience 

Using breathing and mindfulness techniques, yoga & meditation calms the thoughts, relaxes the mind, helps with better sleep and brighter moods. Yoga also promotes better self-care, encourages positive self-image, compassion, respect and kindness.

Yoga for corporate team with beeteeyogee
Corporate yoga brings smile

Team Bonding Time

Because it is not only an exercise but also a way of living, yoga provides a great opportunity for corporate teams to get to know each other in a more meaningful way outside the usual work context. When practiced in a private team setting, yoga & meditation could create more intimate and healthy ways for your team members to interact and learn more about each other.   

Corporate Yoga Retreats

Take your team away with a touch of yoga. We organise private yoga & wellness retreats for your team to spend more time with each other, ranging from half a day to 4 or 5 days depending on your needs. With a focus on physical & mental health, your retreat's programme could be customised based on your team's background and requirements.

corporate team yoga retreats with beeteeyogee
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