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Is Yoga Right For My Team?

Find answers to questions you may have before getting your team started on this yoga journey.


Is yoga for men?

Traditionally in India, yoga was only for men! Nowadays, it is good for both genders. For men particularly, yoga greatly helps improve flexibility and core strength.


I have chronic pains. Can I do yoga?

Yes! Yoga is well known to help alleviate certain chronic pains. There are some precautions to take, but it is definitely not a deal breaker.


I'm pregnant. Is yoga safe for me?

Definitely! Avoid sting and hard core exercises. There are always good modifications you can take.


Will  sweat during yoga?


You might, but most likely not as much as running or cycling. Some classes might be more gentle than other. 


We're not flexible. Can we do yoga?

100%. As a matter of fact, we do yoga to become flexible. Flexibility is not a prerequisite.


Could I get injuries from yoga?

Very unlikely. We are not trying to become contortionist, don't worry! Our teachers are particularly conscious about safety in your practice.


How do I motivate my team to join?

Explain the benefits of yoga for the body, for the mind and for the team's energy. Ask for feedback after the first classes.


Is yoga a religious practice?

No, but it does have a spiritual component. It is entirely up to you to define what your practice includes.

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