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A Typical Corporate Yoga Class

Find out what a typical 60/75-minute yoga class looks like for your team members. 

How Many?

Min. 5 - Max. 20 per session, depending on the space. If it is an online class, there is no maximum restriction.

Outfit & equipment

Comfortable workout clothes. Participants are required to bring their own yoga mat, water bottle and hand towel if needed. No yoga blocks or straps required.


Many options:

  1. Your office if you have space

  2. Outdoor at a park

  3. Indoor at a rental space

  4. Online

How Long?

60-75 minutes depending on your requirements

Yoga content

  • 45-60 minutes for physical practice, which could be a no-sweat session or a more dynamic session according to your requirements.

  • 10 minutes of mindfulness or meditation

  • 5-10 minutes for a team bonding activities

Team bonding

A short exchange on a variety of topics including mindfulness, stress management, healthy lifestyle, positive energy creation etc. to help your team members get to know each other beyond work context

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