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Kids Yoga Class at The American School in Japan

Kids Yoga

Keep your little one strong and flexible, physically and mentally.

For kids, yoga could be fun, inspiring and calming at the same time.

Why Kids Yoga?

yoga for kids with beeteeyogee tree pose
meditation for kids with beeteeyogee


Children naturally have good flexibility. Yoga helps maintaining this flexibility throughout their development.


Yoga also helps build arm, leg and core strength, and maintain good postures.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation help children develop self-discipline, self-control and concentration.

Emotional Resilience

Yoga encourages positive self-image, compassion, respect and kindness.

Fun Time

Yoga for children is fun through cooperation, teamwork and social skills learning process.

A Typical Kids Yoga Class

How a typical children yoga class looks like greatly depends on the age group, the group's energy and partly on the children's background and conditions.

  • Pre-K kids yoga is fast-paced and often storytelling-based.

  • Elementary school kids are introduced more complex yoga games, balancing poses and breath awareness with more specific verbal cues.

  • Pre-teenagers start to have good strength for acrobatic yoga and can follow more abstract themed classes such as trust and love.

Typical 1-hour sequence of a kids yoga class:

  • Mindful breathing exercises to warm up physical and mental awareness

  • Group warming up games

  • Sun Dance adapted for kids or Learning yoga poses through a game

  • Partner yoga in group of two or three

  • Group games that incorporates yoga poses

  • More mindful breathing exercises such as belly breathing

  • Gratefulness exercise or mandala colouring meditation

  • Relaxation in a body scan meditation

kids yoga class with beeteeyogee
kids yoga class fly with beeteeyogee
kids yoga class with beeteeyogee handstand

Is Yoga Right for My Children?

yoga play with beeteeyogee
connecting through yoga with beeteeyogee
strength-building yoga with beeteeyogee

What is the age group for kids yoga?

Kids can start yoga in a group class setting as early as 3 years old up until 12 to 13 years old, after which they may opt for an adult class.

Is yoga a religious practice?
No. Yoga for children is neither religious nor spiritual. The names of the yoga poses also take an English adaptation for children to easily remember. We teach them concepts such as non-violence, non-judgment and gratefulness through moving and interacting with each other, rather than through talking and lecturing. In meditation, we teach kids to use their breath to calm down their mind and energy level.

Could my children get injuries in yoga?
As with any activities, injury is a risk. However, our way of teaching yoga is very anatomically focused in order to make sure there is a good balance between strength and flexibility to keep the body healthy. We also promote a good equilibrium between being challenging and not being pushy if certain poses are not suitable for certain body types. Teachers should be informed about children with special needs to pay special attention.

Is yoga competitive?
No. We encourage each child to be better than their own version of yesterday, rather than to perform better than other people.

Get Started

Get in touch with me:

  • If you are from a school and would like to incorporate yoga in your weekly extra-curriculum activities, or

  • If you have a private group of children who would like to practice yoga together, or

  • If you would like to know whether your child can join any existing group.

A typical kids yoga class start with min. 5 students and max. 15 students.

The fee per student starts at ¥3,000.

We recommend a frequency of once a week for a full term.

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