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I have so much energy, love and inspirations to share with you.

BT's portrait

After 10 years working in Finance & Investments, I took a leap of faith, became a yoga teacher and launched myself into the adventures of making an impact on other people's life.


The seeds of those adventures started in 2012 when I stepped on a yoga mat for the first time, discovering all the strange things it does to my body and my mind. I have travelled a long journey since then, both externally and internally within myself. I have a lot of people to thank for this journey, every minute of which was meant to happen to bring me to exactly where I am supposed to be. Along this journey, yoga has changed my life in so many incredible ways, so I made it my mission to help other people experience those changes too


I have a dream to make yoga accessible and meaningful to everyone, on and off the mat. I dream that each and every one of us is doing some forms of yoga, for the body or for the mind. I dream that the good wisdom we absorb from the ancient yogic teachings encourage each of us to nurture this planet to become a better place to live, for ourselves and for our next generations.

Hi there,
I'm beetee.

How do I teach yoga?

Expect my classes to be:

  • Challenging. With the technical details to help you practice from a strong foundation to avoid injuries. Challenges are where you start to grow, one step at a time.

  • Balanced. Between Strength and Flexibility to help you improve and sustain your Mobility.

  • Free. I respect your individual freedom and personal choices in your practice.

  • Non-competitive, non-judgmental and playful. What if we can make lifelong friends while practicing yoga?

  • Autonomous. Find yourself gradually able to practice on your own after some time under my teaching.

BT's Extended Side Angle Pose
BT and John the Skeleton

What Teacher Trainings have I accomplished?

​Life is continuous learning. With 10 years of practice, I have been learning on and off the record from so many great teachers from India, Singapore, Australia, America, Vietnam and a few countries in Europe. Transferring that knowledge to other students requires special trainings, which were some of the best experiences in my life:

  • 200HR Hatha Vinyasa, Yoga Mala, Singapore

  • 60HR Yin Yoga, Sampoorna, India (Online)

  • 20HR Yoga Therapy, Level I, Zenergy, Australia

  • 27HR Children Yoga, Rainbow, Singapore

  • Heart of Yoga with Mark Whitwell (Online)

  • 15HR Art of Meditation, Awakened Spirit, Canada 

  • 10HR Advanced Pranayama and Physiology of Breath, Awakened Spirit, Canada (Online)

What teaching experience do I have ?

I have been teaching yoga in group classes since 2017, starting right after my first Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Mala in Singapore. At the same time, I was a volunteer yoga teacher at the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore to mental patients for approximately one year in 2018.


In addition, I have also been leading yoga classes for corporate teams in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Since 2020, I divide my time between teaching group classes at Nami Yoga Studio in Tokyo, Japan and private classes with students in Singapore, Australia and Tokyo, both in-person and online classes. 

BT Side Stretch Pose
BT Standing Forward Fold

Fun facts

What poses do you always teach? Lunges & warriors 

Favorite pose? Watch-asana, if savasana is not an acceptable answer...

Favourite yoga place? Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 

Favourite fruits? Mangosteen, pineapple, melon

Most embarrassing yoga moment? When I got a (BPPV) vertigo episode in the middle of teaching an online class and fell over with a scream. Shocked the hell out of my students!

Interests outside of yoga? Fitness in general (bootcamp, HIIT, running, water sports). Travel. Visiting modern art museums. Reading. And I love trying new things! 

What do you always do when you ride the train?  Dreaming about my next yoga retreat ;)

Special talent? Photographic memory for numbers

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