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Treasure Islands
Yoga & Adventure Retreat

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Sat-Mon October 7-9th 2023 | Shikinejima, Izu Seven Islands
With Beth & BT

Immerse yourself in a nature-filled yoga retreat over an adventure-filled three-day weekend without having to organise a single thing! (and that's even if you have the kids with you...)

At A Glance


3 days and 2 nights

No leave days required from work


¥‎85,000 to ¥‎115,000 for adults

¥‎50,000 to ¥‎55,000 for kids depending on your room type

10% discount for Early Bird booking before July 15 2023


Saturday Oct 7th 2023 at 8am from Takeshiba Pier, Tokyo


Two-way sea transportation

2 nights accommodation 

2 to 3 meals a day

2 yoga classes a day for adults 

2 yoga class for kids


Shikinejima, one of the Izu Seven Islands and part of the Fuji-Hakone National Park

Not Included

Breakfast on the ferry

Bike rentals

Extra activities

Alcoholic drinks & accidentals

Group Size

Around 25 including kids

What To Bring

Yoga mat, swimsuit, and a sense of adventure!

(We'll send a full list once you've signed up)  

Retreat Overview

This yoga retreat is designed to immerse you in a world of stunning nature, adventure and connection with like-minded souls. In just three days, you'll feel that you've been transported far away from the big metropolis, both mentally and physically, and have experiences that will remain with you long after the trip is over. 

Enjoy the sea breeze on your skin, the scent of the sub-tropical forest and the sand under your feet as you practise yoga outdoors. 

Relax your body with a soak in natural onsen waters right next to the sea

Nourish your soul with home cooking at the locally-run lodge and fish caught in the waters around the island

Savour the freedom of hiking, swimming, snorkelling, star-gazing, whatever you want!

Share for experiences and create community with fellow yogis

Escape from your daily lives with everything you need at your fingertips, in the hands of experienced multilingual yoga instructors

Features & Benefits
Optimal Travel Time

Use of Your Time In The Most Efficient Way

Don't lose any time sorting out your travel arrangements, we've got it all covered! 

Outbound - The 3.5-hour jet foil will 'teleport' you to the island within a blink of eye. Midday on Saturday, you'll find yourself smelling the fresh ocean air and getting ready for a full day of yoga and exploration.

Inbound - We'll send you back to Tokyo by 5pm on Monday afternoon.

Yoga Immersion

Deep Yoga Practice For Everyone

Twice a day - Wake up yoga, sleep yoga. The morning is the perfect time for a energising Vinyasa flow, and we'll finish the day with a gentle Yin practice to stretch & release. Get the support from two fun multi-lingual teachers to help you deepen your practice. 
Yoga for everyone - Even for your little ones! Two yoga play sessions are awaiting them. If your partner does not want to do yoga, we will be happy to offer a price reduction.


We're Holding Back Something

Special For You

Well, you just have to join us and find out what surprise is awaiting you at this retreat. Hint: it comes from far way...

All we're going to promise right now is that it'll be refreshing!

Your Day Your Way

Personalise and Improvise 

The Rest of Your Day

The island of Shikinejima offers plenty of activities from adventures to relaxation. Make it your own discovery! Hiking, beach strolling, sunbathing, cycling, island-hoping, observatories, wells, temples, snorkeling, stargazing at night, you name it! More importantly, make friends during all those activities!

All Inclusive

Prices Include Pretty Much Everything

Unlike most other retreats, our prices include the two-way sea transportation, accommodations, meals and yoga, so you don't have to lift a finger in organising your trip. If you want a glass of wine while doing your late afternoon Yin flow, it's on you though...

Daily Programme

Day 1 - Saturday October 7th 2023

Morning            Jet foil departure to Shikinejima

Midday              Lunch

Afternoon         Free time

Before dinner   Vinyasa Yoga for adults. Yoga Play for kids

Evening             Dinner & Onsen

Before bed        Evening Yin Yoga

Day 2 - Sunday October 8th 2023

Morning            Meditation, Breakfast, Hike & Yoga at a spectacular viewpoint.

                          Yoga Play for kids

Midday              Bento lunch on-the-go

Afternoon         Free time

Before dinner  Evening Gentle Flow & Stretch for adults

Evening             Dinner & Onsen

Before bed        Somnific yoga 

Day 3 - Monday October 9th 2023

Morning            Meditation, Breakfast, Checkout and Farewell Hatha Yoga

Midday              Free time & lunch

13:20                Jet foil departure

16:45                 Arrive back in Tokyo

All activities are optional and subject to changes. For a more detailed Daily Programme, please click here.


Please note that since this adventure retreat is taking place on an island, we may have to modify the daily programme based on weather conditions. Rest assured that we'll still be doing just as much yoga and we'll have just as much fun!


During free time, Shikinejima Island offers a whole lot of activities, such as:

  • Chilling & sun tanning at the beach

  • Snorkeling

  • Fishing

  • Biking around the island to discover observatories, wells and temples

  • Hiking

  • Onsen

  • Stargazing

  • Visiting neighbouring island Nijima and scuba diving on Nijima (this will take an entire day).

We will do our best to provide you with all the information you need to make Your Day Your Way.

If you or your partner would like to join the retreat without participating in any yoga sessions, it's definitely possible!


Room A Type: Dormitory-style Room with comfortable bunk beds with shared bathroom - FULLY BOOKED

A great low-cost for singles or a couple of friends who are looking for a good feeling of yoga community.

It's a pyjama party! But don't worry, each bunk bed has a curtain and offers enough privacy so you can retreat to your comfortable little haven for rest.


Room B Type: Japanese-style Tatami Room with futons and shared bathroom - FULLY BOOKED

For 3 to 4 adults sharing or family of four (2 adults, 2 kids)

¥95,000/person for adult

¥50,000/person for kids under 12

Room C Type: Western-style Twin Bed Room with shared bathroom - FULLY BOOKED

For twin sharing, couple or family of three (2 adults, 1 kid)

¥115,000/person for adult

¥55,000/person for kids under 12

Prices include:

  • Two-way sea transportation

  • 2 nights accommodation

  • 2-3 meals a day. Vegetarians can be accommodated on request.

  • 2 yoga sessions a day for adults, 1 for kids

Prices do not include:

  • Saturday breakfast on the ferry

  • Bike rentals (about ¥2,000 per day)

  • Drinks & incidentals

  • Free-time spending

If you (and your family) would like to join but are unsure which room type to book, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have been to the lodge many times and we'd be happy to advise you what's best based on your needs and budget. We're here to help. 

If you, your partner or your friend would like to join the retreat without participating in any yoga sessions, they can deduct ¥15,000 from the prices above.

Terms & Conditions

Booking Recommendations

  • Enjoy a 10% Early Bird discount for booking before July 15th 2023

  • Booking deadline is Sept 20th 2023. However, the number of rooms in each type is limited. Make sure you book early to reserve your preferred room type.

  • For Room A Type, please note that this is a dormitory-style room for 4-8 people. We will do our best in finding the most suitable room arrangements for single participants.

  • For Room B Type (Japanese-style tatami room):

    • If you are a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids), we think this room is perfect for you.​

    • If you are single or a couple, please note that you will be sharing this room with 1 or 2 more persons. A maximum of 4 persons might be allocated to this room type.

  • For Room C Type (Western-style room with twin beds):

    • Perfect for couple or two friends sharing.​

    • If you are a family of three (2 adults and 1 kid), you can opt for your kids to either share one of the large single beds, or have an extra sofa-bed or air mattress in the room 

Payment Methods and Payment Terms

  • Online payment: You can pay directly on our website using your Credit Cards or Paypal during your booking

  • Offline payment: You can also pay after having completed your booking on our website, by cash in-person or via Paypay or bank transfer. However, your booking will not be confirmed (and your spot not reserved) until we have received your payment.

Cancellation Policies

  • Cancellation from your end:

    • Cancel before August 15th 2023: no cancellation fee

    • Cancel between August 15th and September 28th : 50% cancellation fee

    • Cancel on or after September 29th: 100% cancellation fee

  • Cancellation from our end: Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as unfavourable weather, we may need to cancel the retreat. A cancellation from our end will most likely be communicated to you one week in advance, and your payment will be fully refunded.

Travel Insurance

If you are not a resident of Japan or are not covered by a Japanese insurance, please make sure you have a travel insurance that covers any water sports you might opt to do during your free time at the retreat.

Use of Media

We may have a professional photographer and/or videographer taking photos and videos at this retreat. We reserve the rights to use photos and videos taken at this retreat for future yoga retreats, classes and events' marketing materials, in order for future participants to have a good idea of our retreats, classes and events. If you would NOT like your photos or videos to be taken at this retreat, please do not hesitate to let us know.

What Our Guests Said

"The yoga retreats are wonderful, in beautiful surroundings, the teachers are poweful and caring, and you feel great afterwards!"

Yuko, Entrepreneur

"The retreat with BT and Beth was absolutely wonderful.  Yoga, the beautiful setting, treats and tea, and, of course, hot bath at the end, made for a perfect afternoon. I'd highly recommend joining, whatever level you are in your yoga practice."

Trista, Sustainability Consultant

"Beth and BT are fabulous yoga teachers! At the same so grounded and cheerful!
I am always looking forward for the yoga retreats they organize as it’s for me always a way to learn about yoga techniques and having nice sharing moments with my friends."

Celia, Midwife

  • What if I don't do yoga?
    You can still join the retreat! Simply deduct 15,000 yen from the prices. During yoga time, there are plenty of other things for you to explore, such as chilling on the beach, hiking, onsen-ing, or biking around the island.
  • I can only sleep in a private room...
    You can opt for the Western-style room with twin beds! You will have to share this room with one more person (your partner, for example), but it's the best option for your sleeping requirements. On the night ferry to the island, you can also opt for an upgrade to First Class ticket which provides a private room and not shared room with bunk beds.
  • Is it a crowded, tourist-trap place?
    Definitely not! Although it is a long weekend, the island is quite remote and is generally not Tokyoites' first choice of weekend trip.
  • Can I take a jetfoil from Tokyo?
    Sure! We think the night ferry is actually very nice, as you save time while traveling and wake up on the ocean as though you were teleported, but you can also take the jetfoil from Takeshiba Pier, which typically departs around 9am on Saturday and reaches the island around noon. You'll miss the morning yoga session on Saturday though, and the jetfoil's cost is the same as the night ferry.
  • How comfortable are the bunk beds in the dormitory?
    You can see from the pictures that the dormitory rooms in the lodge have comfortable bunk beds, with curtains for your privacy. There's a table area and fridge just outside for your use. The lodge was actually renovated a few years ago and is one of our top choices on Shikinejima. As promised, we will do our best in finding the most suitable sleeping arrangements for all participants. If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to reach out!
  • Where will we be doing yoga?
    Weather permitted, we will do yoga mostly outdoor, either on a nice wooden boardwalk near the beach, or on the grass during our hike. In case of bad weather, we have reserved a indoor space large enough to welcome us all in. It is about 10 minutes walk from our guesthouse.
  • What if there's a typhoon?
    In the event of a big typhoon approaching the Izu Islands, boat operator Tokai Kisen will most likely announce boat and jetfoil cancellations, usually about a few days before departure. In this case, we will have to sadly cancel the retreat, and your payment will be fully refunded. But don't stress! Though there is a chance, October is not a big season for typhoon. Temperature should be around 18-23 degrees Celsius, and water temperature should be around 24-26 degrees.


10% discount for Early Bird booking before July 15th 2023


Reserve your spot now and get your booking bonus!

A discount voucher worth ¥2,000 for your next event with Beth & BT! 

About Beth

Beth is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour yoga instructor from the UK who's been teaching for five years in Tokyo, in English, French and Japanese. She's practiced yoga seriously for about 17 years.  

She's committed to yoga because of the way it melds the physical practice together with breathwork and meditation. No matter how hard she works, she knows she will always finish the yoga practice feeling calm and energized. 

With 25 years of experience of working as international journalist, she finds that yoga helps her to deal with stressful situations, and has improved her outlook on life at difficult times. She strongly believes that yoga is for everyone. Find Beth on her Instagram @yogaraku.

About BT

After 10 years working in Finance & Investments, BT decided to take a leap of faith, became a yoga teacher and launched herself into the adventures of making a meaningful impact on other people's life.


The seeds of those adventures started in 2012 when she stepped on a yoga mat for the first time, discovering all the strange things it does to her body and my mind. She has travelled a long journey since then, both externally and internally within herself. She has a lot of people to thank for this journey, every minute of which was meant to happen to bring her to exactly where she is supposed to be. Along this journey, yoga has changed her life in so many incredible ways, so she made it her mission to help other people experience those changes too. 


BT has a dream to make yoga accessible and meaningful to everyone, on and off the mat. Connect with BT through her Instagram @beeteeyogee_.

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