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Welcome Home

Are you a yoga/fitness/dance studio owner?

Make your members feel home by finetuning your studio's branding and operations. Create a larger community that supports each other beyond classes.

Grow your business' revenue and profitability

Let me help you achieve your goals.

Areas of Service


Create and maintain Standard Operating Procedures

For teachers, receptionist, cleaners, guest teachers

Content Creation & SEO

Make sure your knowledge is shown and use it to attract the right customers.


Customer Journey

Touch points


Budgeting & Finance

Create and maintain a revenue & cost budgeting to keep your business in line with your financial expectations

12M Marketing Plan


Promotions, engagement and re-engagement


Market Review

Keep an eye on recent market trends & innovations, how your peers are doing, how you compare.

Booking/IT Systems

Booking system, CRM, automation, payment integration, website

Growth Path

Explore next opportunities for your business such as additional locations, service expansions and collaborations

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