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Your body & mind are unique.

And so is your yoga practice.

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Why yoga?

"When a person practices some forms of yoga, there is a great change in their body and their breathing. They begin to appreciate life, appreciate what they have, they feel better. They feel better in so many ways. And when a person feels better, even if there are problems, those problems do not overtake them. This is the most important benefit of yoga.


We are not trying to do medical work here. But what we are trying to do is that, by taking care of the human system, the body, the breath & the mind, we become better, we feel better, and the problems become less important. This is the most profound benefit of yoga.

And then somebody says yoga cured my diabetes, my back pain or took care of my depression, it is because they feel better, they think that those problems are gone." 

- TKV Desikachar, son of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, the modern father of yoga 

About beetee

After 10 years working in Finance & Investments, I decided to quit my corporate job for a self-created one that speaks to my values and brings meaning to my life and others...

What My Yogis Say

“beetee is a wonderful yoga teacher! She is precise, attentive and she customizes every single class based on you desire and your body’s needs. I love how she makes me aware of every single movement and parts of my body. She is always welcoming and positive! Great experience practicing with her.”

Annalisa Bruno, Singapore


Head out to my Youtube Channel to practice yoga with me from the comfort of your home, at your own time. 

Find a variety of yoga classes with specific focuses, such as Core, Hips & Hamstrings, Shoulders, Glutes, Legs, etc. as well as a series of guided meditations for your healthy mind.

If you are a complete beginner, check out the Asana Breakdown series which give you thorough explanations for each posture.

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Tune in to Spotify and find the music for your practice. These playlists have been compiled together either by me or by my favourite artists, including Sol Rising and DJ Drez, in both modern and Kirtan styles. They have been compiled purposely for a certain length of practice, so that it flows smoothly in a usual practice pace. If you have other playlists for your practice too, please share with me! That would really make my day!