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Private Group Yoga

A yoga programme tailored to you and your group of friends

Science has proved that the act of moving with a group and following the teacher activates mirror neurons. The mirror neuron system is a recently discovered network of nerves involved in emulation of movement and developing compassion (Ann Swanson, The Science of Yoga). This is how group class yoga boosts your brain. After a first getting-to-know-each-other couple of classes, we will agree on which programme is appropriate for your group's needs and requirements. The programme will have clear definitions in terms of focus areas. The focus areas could be hips & hamstrings, shoulders & arms, core, twisting, standing or arm balancing, breathing techniques and meditation. The classes will be either in a slow or fast-paced style, all aiming at enhancing both your strength and flexibility. As we progress, I will adjust the programme according to the changes in your body & mind, and interests. I like to keep the group small, with a maximum 10 participants, so that I can still take care of each of you individually to make sure that you gradually progress in a safe manner.

Cancellation Policy: - For classes between 9am-11pm JST, the class will be forfeited if a cancellation is communicated less than 2 hours prior to class time. - For classes between 7am-9am JST, cancellations have to be made prior to 11pm the day before to avoid forfeit. No refunds possible after purchase.