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Corporate Yoga

For employers who want to make sure their teams stay healthy

Customised to your company and teams' needs, corporate yoga not only helps improve employee’s mental health and well-being, but also helps reduce health costs. Yoga can be done before work, during lunch hour, or after work hours, onsite at your office location or online via Zoom. Some of my corporate clients make the yoga session a bonding activity for their teams by ending it with a theme-based casual chat. These discussions have been proven to help teammates understand each other better outside of work context.

Cancellation Policy: - For classes between 9am-11pm JST, the class will be forfeited if a cancellation is communicated less than 2 hours prior to class time. - For classes between 7am-9am JST, cancellations have to be made prior to 11pm the day before to avoid forfeit. No refunds possible after purchase.