How did I start yoga?

Patanjali, the father of ancient yoga, came to my dream one night... Just kidding! There was this boutique studio right below my office back in 2012, and they were giving free trial with plenty of discounts on the packages. So I gave it a try. The first few classes were just intimidating and (self) humiliating. I swallowed my pride until I got the hang of it and just stopped caring about how I looked. Later, though, Patanjali did come to my dream to tell me he was really proud of my courage to start yoga...

How did I become

a yoga teacher?

When I decided to pursue a Yoga Teacher Training, I was still having a full-time corporate job and just wanted to learn in depth the various chapters of yoga. I never imagined myself as a teacher! But then I realised that, through teaching, I earn the rewards of satisfaction by helping others discover the unique benefits of yoga and the yogic way of life. Through teaching, I continue to learn and push myself everyday to be better, so that I deserve that special mat in the room. 


What does yoga mean to me?

Yoga represents not only a well-balanced combination of physical strength and flexibility, but also a bridge to my mental health through the breath. Synchronising body & mind, yoga opens space for me to travel within myself, cultivating determination, discipline, persistence, resistence, awareness and acceptance of the body, and most importantly, awareness and acceptance of the mind. Yoga reminds me to live the moment fully, on and off the mat, to be kind with myself and living beings around me.

How do I teach yoga?

When teaching, I focus on:

  • Providing the technical details to help you practice from a strong foundation to avoid injuries, while creating challenges and allowing you to push your limits one step at a time.

  • Maintaining a good balance between Strength and Flexibility to help you improve and sustain your Mobility.

  • Respecting your individual freedom and personal choices in your practice.

  • Creating a non-competitive, non-judgmental and playful environment while facilitating a yoga community among students.

  • Gradually making yogis independent and autonomous in your practice.


What Teacher Trainings have I accomplished?

​Life is continuous learning. With 10 years of practice, I have been learning on and off the record from so many great teachers from India, Singapore, Australia, America, Vietnam and a few countries in Europe. Transferring that knowledge to other students requires special trainings, which were some of the best experiences in my life:

  • 200HR Hatha Vinyasa, Yoga Mala, Singapore

  • 60HR Yin Yoga, Sampoorna, India (Online)

  • 20HR Yoga Therapy, Level I, Zenergy, Australia

  • 27HR Children Yoga, Rainbow, Singapore

  • Heart of Yoga with Mark Whitwell (Online)

  • 15HR Art of Meditation, Awakened Spirit, Canada 

  • 10HR Advanced Pranayama and Physiology of Breath, Awakened Spirit, Canada (Online)

What teaching experience do I have ?

I have been teaching yoga in group classes since 2017, starting right after my first Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Mala in Singapore. At the same time, I was a volunteer yoga teacher at the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore to mental patients for approximately one year in 2018. In addition, I have also been leading yoga classes for corporate teams in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Since 2018, I have mainly been teaching private one-on-one classes in Singapore, Vietnam, Australia and Tokyo, both in-person and online classes. 


What is my dream?

I have a dream to make yoga accessible and meaningful to everyone, on or off the mat.

I dream that each and everyone of us is doing some forms of yoga, for the body or for the mind. Remember, yoga is not just about the physical aspects of it. It is also about the yamas and the niyamas, the breath, the meditation and the intellectual realisation of everything that is happening around us.

I dream to own a wellness business to make that happen, to step-by-step encouraging more people to adopt yoga in their daily lives.

What are my favourite yoga books?

The universe of yoga books are vast! Below are just the few that really helped me both in my practice and in my learning:

  • Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar

  • Science of Yoga, Ann Swanson

  • The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga, Ray Long

  • Yin Yoga Principles and Practice, Paul Grilley

  • Four Chapters on Freedom, Swami Satyananda Saraswati

  • Teaching Yoga, Mark Stephens

  • Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha, Swami Satyananda Saraswati

  • Theories of the Chakras, Hiroshi Motoyama


Fun facts

What poses do you always teach? Warriors! 

Favorite pose? Watch-asana, if savasana is not an acceptable answer...

Favourite yoga place? Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 

Favourite fruits? Mangosteen, pineapple, melon

Most embarrassing yoga moment? When I got a (BPPV) vertigo episode in the middle of teaching an online class and fell over with a scream. Shocked the hell out of my students!

Interests outside of yoga? Fitness in general (bootcamp, HIIT, running, water sports). Travel. Visiting modern art museums. Reading. And I love trying new things! 

What do you always do when you ride the train?  Dreaming about my next yoga retreat ;)

Special talent? Photographic memory for numbers